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The Honolulu Pro Locksmith Company

At Honolulu Pro Locksmith, we are dedicated to the science of making keys and the art of defeating locks--with a smile. The Aloha Spirit runs deep in our locally owned and locally operated business.

The owners founded Honolulu Pro Locksmith as a fountain of Honesty and Aloha in Hawaii. We charge bargain rates compared to mainland-operated locksmith companies in Hawaii, because we don't report to a call center on the mainland, nor do we waste money on hefty advertising fees. When you call us, you will always speak to a locksmith familiar with Hawaii street names and every neighborhood on Oahu. Your locksmith will advise you about your problems, and already know how to fix it when he arrives. Because Honolulu Pro Locksmith is a local, family-owned company, we can guarantee prices you can afford.

You may have noticed that we hardly advertise, and that is because we guarantee fair prices and honest locksmithing. Honolulu Pro Locksmith's operations hinge on customer loyalty and 100% customer satisfaction. Our biggest source of jobs is word of mouth and repeat business. Our goal is to make you happy!

The Honolulu Pro Locksmith Mission

  1. To leave every customer completely, utterly, happily satisfied with our service.
  2. To provide the highest quality locksmith services and hardware in Hawaii.
  3. To charge the best prices of all locksmiths in Hawaii.
  4. To operate with honesty and integrity.
  5. To leave a trail of the Aloha Spirit everywhere we go

Honolulu Pro Locksmith's Owners

Guy TordjmanGuy Tordjman,
Owner and Professional Locksmith

Guy is the original "Key Guy." After completing a year-long comprehensive locksmith training program in San Francisco, Guy moved back to the islands to work for a large, national locksmith company.

After a few years of running the Hawaii branch of a large corporation, Guy decided that Hawaii was in need of a quality, masterful, not to say scrupulous locksmithing service that worked on the local level. Guy envisioned this new company as a fountain of the Aloha Spirit. His company would provide unparalleled service, paired with specialty knowledge of Hawaii's building materials, crime climate, and modern industry standards. With years of experience as a Professional Locksmith under his belt, Guy founded Honolulu Pro Locksmith in 2008.

Honolulu Pro Locksmith's operations hinge on customer loyalty and 100% customer satisfaction. Honolulu Pro Locksmith's dedication to its customers has provided us with a broad base of satisfied kama'aina clientele. Guy prides himself on overseeing all aspects of the business himself, lending his warmth and solid character to the entire Key Guy team.

When he isn't running the company, Guy enjoys playing guitar, carpentry, baking his famous tuxedo cheesecake and delicious flan, salsa dancing, learning new languages (he speaks six), and entertaining his lovely Kimberly.


Kimberly TordjmanKimberly Tordjman
Owner and Director of Public Relations

After watching Guy rescue a suffocating baby from inside a locked car at Hanauma Bay, she knew the locksmith business was for her. Locksmiths could be modern-day heroes! Kimberly loves that locksmithing is a business based on people helping people.

While completing her majors in English, Anthropology, and Dance at Pomona College, Kimberly found a penchant for public relations and marketing. She has worked for several public relations and marketing agencies in Hawaii and on the mainland, both large and small. Kimberly currently directs Honolulu Pro Locksmith's development of relationships with the Hawaii community.

Kimberly's ladder of formal education includes Menehune Preschool, Hanalei Elementary School, Kapaa Middle School, Iolani High School, and Pomona College. She fills her spare time with dancing (she was a National Champion ballroom dancer in college, and she used to dance with Ballet Hawaii, but now she mostly does salsa), reading strange books, experimenting in the kitchen, wearing happy colors, listening to science podcasts, and studying the human animal.


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