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Pricing FAQ What can I expect to pay for locksmith services? What should I ask when I get a price quote to make sure there are no "hidden fees?" How can I find a reputable locksmith with the most affordable prices in my area? I need a transponder (aka "electronic chip") key made. Why should I go to a locksmith instead of my car dealer? My car's locks and/or ignition were damaged. Should I call a locksmith? Why doesn't my duplicate key work?

Honolulu Pro Locksmith's Glossary of Locksmith Terms We are proud of our expertise in all areas of locksmithing, and we would like to share our expertise with you! We have created a list of the most commonly used words in our industry, along with easy-to-understand definitions.

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It's the same story told over and over again. An unsuspecting person calls a locksmith who turns out to be inexperienced, much too expensive, or both. When they try to contact the company they called to complain, they find out the company is based in New York or LA. Please read any of the below consumer news reports before calling any locksmith.

How to Choose a Reputable Locksmith A Federal Trade Commission Consumer Alert

Picking a Locksmith at Random Could Cost You KOMO News reports one unscrupulous locksmith company and how it operates.

Locksmiths cost customers more than they bargained for ABC News reports

Ripoff Report for Consumers by Consumers Reports on locksmiths with multiple fraudulent names, addresses, and phone numbers that all link back to a single call center hundreds of miles away.



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